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Bionic Battle Mutants 2 takes you back to the fantastic world of Cerberus 7. Enjoy turnbased tacticle gang shoot-outs in combination with rogue lite traveling through wartorn alien landscapes.

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About BBM 2

Turnbased tactics combined with survival Rogue-like gameplay in an unique worldsetting. Manage your teams ressources and fight your way through the hellhole of Cerberus 7 in Bionic Battle Mutants 2.
Different mutant-factions, rogue cyborgs, killer critters and alien scum are in your way to leave this aweful planet.

We are currently working with the Unreal 5 Engine

More about us.

Monkeynetics is an Indie Game-Dev Studio with the monkeylabor-force of three:
Kostja Schleger – Game Design, Art
Tobias Raum – Programming, Art 3D
Simon Eckert – In-Game and Promotional Art

Occasionally we enjoy additional help of 3 further apes versed in art, sound and weapon smithing.

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Our award winning games

With two games under their belt, with their 2017 released "Bionic Battle Mutants" and there second brand new title "Burning Vengeance". Monkeynetics is set to bring the best of both worlds together in their newest in development project "Bionic Battle Mutants 2".

Burning vengeance

Bionic Battle Mutants

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